[News] 111003 – Key’s birthday party (Fanaccount)

– Minho said he somehow thought that Kibum has a particular present he wants in mind so he didnt buy in advance. Key said he does have a present that he wants… so they said they’ll go buy together.
– jjong bought kibum a blingbling bag and kibum was carrying the bag till the end of the party. key said he’ll show/prove it in the airport next time
– there was this helium balloon that supported audio recording so all the boys said a short message – ‘saranghae’ – together but at the end of it, kibum added ‘good night’ so taem was like ‘we said do a short one!!’, in the end everything got recorded into that balloon thing LOL. it was given to a fan.
– Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off but recently he has forgotten how to get pissed off… Then the members were saying they like to see kibum getting bullied. Then they really bullied kibum but kibum was just laughing
– key was wiping off the cream on his face and only left that one spot on his nose alone so jjong was like “did everyone see that?? key’s so smart! he knows how to make himself look adorable!”
– minho offered to drive kibum to a place in Daegu in his K7 (the car he won from dream team) then kibum was like “lets go with the members!”
– kibum got rejected continuously by a club (or a few clubs?) in spain. he got rejected cos he was wearing shorts. then rejected again when he wore his jeremy scott dog bone shoes. and also when he wore flip flops.
– jjong said key has been really really working on his singing.
minho said that in singapore there was once when the manager called him to go over, saying that taem has stuff to tell him. at that time, taekey shared a room. jjongho shared a room, jinki had his own room. minho said he was really tired that day so he asked the manager what is it about and cant it be done tomorrow? the manager then said it’s really urgent so hurry go… before minho got into the room, he heard lotsa hehehhehe sounds, wondering what’s going on. the moment he stepped in, he saw ontae bullying kibum. taemin (to minho): “oh hyung, you’re here? we’ve just started, come join us!” then the 3 of them started throwing kibum around. they said kibum just kept laughing and laughing even when he got thrown into a corner of the bed and got thrown/stuck inbtwn beds, he was laughing, when he knocked his head against the wall, HE WAS STILL LAUGHING HAPPILY (byulbit: eh kibum… are you nuts?!?!). kibum said it’s not that he likes being bullied. it’s just that he doesnt like getting angry that’s why he laughed. he forgot how to get angry. jinki said they threw kibum 40 times but kibum was still laughing. then after saying all these, suddenly the members started gathering around kibum and re-enacted the scenario on the spot. even kibum’s chair fell.
– minho wanted to light the candle but he just kept failing. so jjong was like “just use your eyes to light it!” (as in like, saying flaming charisma has fire in his eyes)
– at the party, when anyone starts to interrupt kibum’s talking, he will say “i like you” (or was it i love you?)”
– everything minho did at the party will cause topics related to ‘dream team’ and ‘car owner’. minho said jjong shouldve gone to watch him record dream team, he told jjong to go watch but in the end he didnt go… jjong asked him “when did you ask me to go??” minho said “in my dream”

– The day before Minho recorded Dream Team, there was a famous soccer team’s soccer match but Jonghyun went home so Minho was left alone in the dorm.
– Apparently, Taemin’s clothes today, besides the jacket (or whatever was external), everything else didn’t belong to him. the tee and pants were Key’s, even the socks were given by the part time domestic helper aunty.
– One of the fans’ question message to key was “let me see your abs”,
– Jonghyun said “Kibum has no abs… though you want to see, there isnt any”
– and Key started mumbling at the side “I do have abs, but……”
– Though Minho and Jonghyun didn’t sit together, they attacked each other verbally the most and often talked with each other. Then when they were talking about other members they also mentioned that they JongHo shared a room when they were in Singapore. At the end of the party when A-yo was playing, the 2 of them danced their way out.
– Before the party started, the members were at backstage making noises into the mics, for example, saying “who am i?” and “hi everyone”. Someone then shouted goguma (sweet potato) and hobak (pumpkin) then Jonghyun was like “pumpkin? kekekkekeke” and started laughing.
– Jonghyun said that he went to Dongdaemun yesterday (as in, 9/21) to buy a present for Key. He said that he’s a very honest/open person so the present was left unwrap. With that said, he really went to the back and brought out a bag. it really was the kind of bag that would only appear in dongdaemun. then jjong also mentioned that his house is near dongdaemun. he confidently handed over the present to kibum and said this is really key’s and when kibum opened up the bag, he was crazily happy. that bag was REALLY REALLY SHINY. Jonghyun said “I prepared this for the shiny you. must use this for airport fashion”. Key carried the bag till the end of the party. Jonghyun said there’s still a present inside and when Key searched it, he found a box. He opened it and saw that it was sort of sweets that people would sell in the streets… There were originally 10 sweets in that box. Jonghyun said “It’s your birthday so you have to eat sweets” but when Key opened it, there was only 2. So Jonghyun said “I ate 8 and left 2 for you”. Key ate one on the spot and gave the other one to Taemin.
– When they were audio recording after sucking helium from balloons, Key told the other boys to “just say saranghae together”. so everyone obeyed and said “saranghae” but Key started to add on other stuff so Taemin was like “i thought you said to do something short!!”
– Minho said when Key was sitting on the sofa last night, he went over to lift Key’s legs and helped him relief muscles but then Taemin came and suddenly grabbed Key’s arm while Minho held up Key’s legs. They re-enacted this action at the party. As a result, Key got a 3-sided attack till his chair fell.
– Before cutting the cake, Key started to get worried about getting whipped cream and other spray stuff on him. In the end they still wiped whipped cream on him. on his cheeks and philtrum, the part that suju yesung likes to poke, the area between the tip of his nose and the centre of his upper lip. then Taemin stuck some deco thing on Key’s nose… maybe raisin or something and Jonghyun said “Kibum’s very smart, he knows he’s cute, so he doesnt take it off, just leaves it there”, then Minho replied “If i were him, i’d take it off”, and key was like “Because you’re not that kind” saying Minho is not the kind of a cute person
– When in spain, coincidentally came across a day when David Guetta was performing in a club. Key said that he really wanted to see him and since he’s already of legal age so he felt that he should be able to go to club that’s why he went.
– In the end, he got blocked from entering by the staff because he was wearing flipflops and flipflops weren’t suitable. Key didn’t give up and went back to change into his jeremy scott bone shoes. Again, he got rejected with a reason that it’s a classical performance and his shoes didnt suit. Jonghyun commented “You should’ve at least worn a suit there”
– During the 5-words question talk, Onew picked a question and it was regarding skincare question… Key started talking about how he cleanses his face. Firstly, he uses makeup remover, then he’ll wash again and after he dries up with a towel, he’ll start applying skincare products in the bathroom. He said that maybe you cant feel it on the spot but on the next day, the skin will be really different.
– The members started to tease Key telling him to give the bracelet he was wearing to the fans. Key said that the bracelet got rejected at the airport, he even separately mailed this back, expressing that he really likes it. Then the rest told him to give away his ring and Key said he really really likes this ring too, he wears it everyday. So Jonghyun was like “It’s because that’s expensive right?” then key said “Nono! It’s not expensive but i really really like it” so minho took off kibum’s glasses and said “give this away too” then Key said he bought that when they were in Spain. Then Jonghyun or Taemin said “Might as well just give away all the clothes he’s wearing”
– Someone who got picked to receive a present was wearing a tee with Primadonna name on it ( not sure if it was FT’s fanclub name, but im not sure if this is referring to a brand name or really referring to some FT fanclub tee). So when Key went to give the present, he saw the name and said “ah, this… this… it’s primadonna!” then Jonghyun said “Primadonna is the name of the fanclub”.

Key- i’ve cutted my hair!
a- Annyeong haseyo bitnaneun SHINee imnisa
Key- it’s so fast
Taem- today so many people has come
Jong- it’s the speech everytime we do and keep doing
Key- it came by fast
Jong- that’s right
Key- It’s not like yesterday, but it surely come fast
Jong- like that, faster than expected
Taem- Yes, right
After JongKey, who will be next after this?
?- Us (T/N: i think it’s abt their birthday, after this there are Onew&Minho;’s bday coming)
Jong- you two together?
Min- dunno
Key- you two are originally busy
Jong- just do it at home
Min- that’s the best (of course)
Jong- with video call… however why did we come here?
Taem- yes, exactly today, well not exact today but tomorrow isn’t it a very beautiful day, it’s a pity we can’t have it (on the actual day).. unfortunately..
Min- it’s okay even if we’re not having (a party)
Taem- (we) felt bad already, don’t u feel bad?
Jong- feel bad!?!???
Min- i don’t feel bad
Jong- to feel bad? that might be..,..
Key- because there’ll definitely a beautiful day like tomorrow once a month
Jong- oh, once a month
Key- yes
Jong- is it like that?
Min- then 12 times a year? what day is that?
Key- first, it’s including your bday..
Jong- it’s your bday
Key- so now 5 months already done (the 5 of their bday)
Jong- that’s right, then (the rest) 7 months is family’s bday
Key- friend’s bday
Jong- oh oh what’re u talking abt earlier! you caught! like this
Key- ah i dunno
Jong- tomorrow is a big happy day that many people have gathered like this, what’s that day? Key-goon care to say what day is that?
Key- yeah tomorrow is a festival for a whole day
Jong- a festival ㅋㅋ
Min- birthday festival ㅋㅋㅋ

When they started talking about spain, key showed off the t-shirt he bought there and jjong let them talk about the happiest memories they had there.

Key: ha, there

Minho: ah really, didn’t go to spain what a pity

Jjong: and also went to the seaside.. heard that the seaside (beach) was really fun

Minho: heard that it was some beach

Jjong: what? What what

Taemin: what what beach… what is that

Onew: no? it’s Barcelona sea right?

Key: barcelona sea.. kk. Anyway, it was really fun, there

Taemin: we went swimming there, and almost got drowed

Minho: ah, onew hyung knows how to swim but almost got drowned

Taemin: to save onew hyung, I even wore a life-jacket kkk

Onew: no, I said I didn’t need help… and you keep trying to save me kk

Jjong: didn’t you guys say he almost died kkkk

Taemin: onew hyung screamed help me too

Jjong: so anyway, you guys went to the seaside

Taemin: we went to see a lot of things~ actually we especially wanted to see a match it was Barcelona

Jjong: ah, soccer match

Taemin: AC Milan? There was a match

Minho: ah, that one, I watched it at the dorm at midnight

Taemin: because there was a sport bar. Saw it there

Minho: so lucky. Actually that one, maybe taemin, onew and key didn’t know but in korea it caused a big mess

Jjong: really?

Minho: yes. Jonghyun-hyung didn’t know because he went home. I just stayed in the dorm and manager-hyung said something big happened. Said, during the live show onew hyung and taemin were there and watched it live.

Onew: eh? There wasn’t a mess in korea but rather a mess in the dorm right..

Minho: what should I do? I didn’t go.. what should I do? I didn’t go… that was one day before dream team, I was super pissed off I was thinking if I couldn’t get that car (K7) I wouldn’t be able to live!!!!!! If I didn’t get it I will be pissed to death

Jjong: you didn’t go to spain either..

Minho: I didn’t go to spain in the first place, and I didn’t even get to see xxxxxxx stadium. I really was too pissed off. They even went to see the match, I almost wanted to cry.

Jjong: even so minho won a car!

Taemin: ah yes!! The conclusion is because of US he was able to win his K7

Minho: yes its like that

Taemin: give it to us..

Jjong: taemin-ah good job!

Key: just give me the car door its all good kk

Taemin:give me the back seats

Minho: want to take the back tyres away?

Jjong:give me the brakes/accelerator

Onew: I want the engine kkkk the window are great too kkkkk

key: you guys take too much……

minho: the car isn’t even out yet why you guys want so much? Kkk

jjong: anyways, congrats again. Actually, it should be the 5th congrats already

The boys talked about their trip to Spain & Russia and also about their japanese version of Lucifer among other things:
-Key said that he encountered a theif in Spain!!! And then Minho said that theif must be his.. and stole his heart!            -Onew borrowed Key’s shirt and a dancer’s beret. And he looked delighted.
-Jjong said that the japanese lyrics for Lucifer are too hard, he feels that it sounds like 3rd world (alien) language…
-Before the party, Taemin asked Minho, “Minho hyung! Did you buy a present?” And Minho said, “No, I did not prepare a friggin-” He stopped talking and after that rephrased his answer to “Oh, I didn’t prepare a present!!”
-Minho fed Key a piece of cake!
-Onew fell into the water in spain & Taemin went into water to save him!
-OnTae were “bullying” Key.. in his hotel room in SG!!! And Minho heard ”ahh ahhh” outside the rooms. He came in halfway and joined Onew & Taemin in throwing Key around..
– Jinki said that he threw key 40 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Apparently, when Key feels bored, him and Jinki will say “I love you” to Taemin and pull him around… -During SWC in Singapore int he hotel:, Taemin + Key shared a room, Jonghyun + Minho a room & Onew gets a room to himself. Manager told minho, “Go to Taemin’s room! Hurry! Taemin said he has something important to tell you.”
However Minho was too tired and said “Can’t he tell me tomorrow?” Then Manager said “No! Go now! Quickly!” SO Minho went. When he reached Taemin’s room, he heard some funny sounds like “eue oeok eueoeok’ in the room. He went in and saw Taemin and Onew throwing Key around. Taemin saw Minho and said, “Oh hyung you came in time! We just started!!” And then Minho joined in and the three of them threw Key around kekeke~ it’s so Cute them>_<
-They said that Minho and Key went out alone in Russia!
-Minho and all of the SHINee went to daegu in Minho’s new car.
-Key said last time if you bully him he’ll get pissed off but recently he has forgotten how to get pissed off… Then the members were saying they like to see Kibum getting bullied. Then they really bullied Kibum but Kibum was just laughing
-Key said that he will save Onew first, if all the members were all drowning!

– Jonghyun gave Key a blingbling bag for Key’s birthday present.

– That bag Jonghyun bought in dongdaemun

[Indo Trans]

#Sebelum pesta dimulai, para anggota berada di belakang panggung membuat suara-suara ke mic, misalnya, mengatakan “siapa aku?”dan “hay semuanya”. Seseorang lalu berteriak goguma (ubi jalar) dan hobak (labu) lalu Jonghyun berkata”labu? kekekkekeke “dan mulai tertawa.

#Disana ada balon helium yang didukung rekaman audio Ketika mereka sedang rekaman audio setelah mengisap helium dari balon, Key mengatakan kepada member lain untuk mengatakan “saranghae” bersama-sama sehingga semua orang mematuhinya dan berkata “saranghae” tapi Key mulai menambah hal-hal lain “selamat malam” sehingga Taemin berkata “aku pikir kamu bilang untuk mengatakan sesuatu yang pendek!”

Key: Aku sudah memotong rambutku!
Annyeong haseyo bitnaneun SHINee imnisa
Key: Itu begitu cepat
Taemin: Hari ini begitu banyak orang telah datang
Jjong: Pidato itu setiap kali kita lakukan dan tetap melakukannya
Key: Itu datang dengan cepat
Jjong: Itu benar
Key: Ini tidak seperti kemarin, tapi pasti cepat datang
Jjong: Seperti itu, lebih cepat dari yang diharapkan
Taemin: Ya, benar
Setelah JongKey, siapa selanjutnya setelah ini?
Kami (T / N: aku pikir ini tentang ulang tahun mereka, setelah ini ada ulang tahun Onew &Minho)
Jjong: Kalian berdua bersama-sama?
Minho: Tak tahu
Key: Kalian berdua awalnya sibuk
Jjong: Hanya melakukannya di rumah
Minho: Itulah yang terbaik (tentu saja)
Jjong: Dengan video call … Namun mengapa kita datang ke sini?
Taemin: Ya, tepatnya hari ini, juga tidak persis hari ini tapi besok bukan hari yang sangat indah, sayang kita tidak bisa memiliki itu (pada hari yang sebenarnya) .. sayangnya ..
Minho: Tidak apa-apa bahkan jika kita tidak memiliki (sebuah pesta)
Taemin: (Kita) sudah merasa tidak enak , tidakkah kamu merasa buruk?
Jjong: Merasa buruk !?!???
Minho: Aku tidak merasa buruk
Jjong: Jadi merasa buruk? yang mungkin ..,..
Key: Karena pasti akan ada hari yang indah seperti besok sebulan sekali
Jjong: Oh, sebulan sekali
Key: Ya
Jjong: Adalah seperti itu?
Minho: Maka 12 kali setahun? hari apa itu?
Key: Pertama, itu termasuk hari ulang tahunmu ..
Jjong: Itu hari ulang tahunmu
Key: Jadi sekarang 5 bulan sudah dilakukan (yang 5 dari ulang tahun mereka)
Jjong: Itu benar, maka (sisanya) 7 bulan ulang tahun keluarga
Key: Ulang tahun teman
Jjong: Oh oh Apa yang kamu berbicara tentang sebelumnya! kamu tertangkap! seperti ini
Key: Ah aku tak tahu
Jjong: Besok adalah hari besar yang bahagia bahwa banyak orang telah berkumpul seperti ini, apa hari itu?

Key: Jahat untuk mengatakan apa hari itu?
Key: Ya besok adalah festival selama sehari penuh
Jjong: Sebuah festival ㅋ ㅋ
Minho: Festival ulang tahun ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
#Onew dan Taemin “bullying” Key .. di kamar hotelnya di Singapore! Dan Minho mendengar “ahh ahhh” dari luar kamar. Dia datang di tengah jalan dan bergabung dengan Onew & Taemin dalam melempar key..

#Selama SWC di Singapura int Hotel:, Taemin + Key berbagi kamar, Jonghyun + Minho satu ruangan & Onew mendapat sebuah ruang untuk dirinya sendiri. Manajer berkata Minho, “Pergilah ke kamar Taemin! Cepat! Taemin mengatakan ada sesuatu yang penting untuk diberitahukan padamu. ”
Namun Minho terlalu lelah dan berkata “dia tidak bisa memberitahuku besok?” Lalu Manajer berkata “Tidak! Pergilah sekarang! Cepat ” jadi! Minho pergi. Ketika ia tiba di kamar Taemin, ia mendengar beberapa suara lucu seperti “eue oeok eueoeok ‘di dalam ruangan. Ia masuk dan melihat Taemin dan Onew melemparkan key kesekitar. Taemin melihat Minho dan berkata, “Oh hyung kamu datang pada waktunya! Kami baru saja mulai “Dan kemudian Minho bergabung dan tiga dari mereka melemparkan Key. mereka mengatakan Kibum terus tertawa dan tertawa bahkan ketika ia dilemparkan ke sudut tempat tidur dan mendapat lemparan/ terjebak di tempat tidur, ia tertawa, ketika kepalanya menyentuh dinding, DIA MASIH tertawa gembira (byulbit: eh Kibum … apakah kamu kacang ?!?!). Kibum mengatakan kalau bukan berarti dia suka ditindas. hanya saja ia tidak seperti marah itu sebabnya ia tertawa. Ia lupa bagaimana untuk marah. jinki mengatakan mereka melemparkan Kibum 40 kali, namun Kibum masih tertawa. kemudian setelah mengatakan semua ini, tiba-tiba anggota mulai berkumpul di sekitar Kibum dan kembali seperti melakukan sesuatu sesuai skenario di tempat. bahkan kursi Kibum sampai jatuh. kekeke ~ mereka begitu lucu > _ <!!

#Jjong berkata Key telah benar-benar bekerja keras pada nyanyiannya.
#Key mengatakan dulu jika kamu menggertaknya maka dia akan marah tetapi baru-baru ini ia telah lupa bagaimana untuk marah … Lalu member lain mengatakan mereka ingin melihat Kibum diintimidasi. Lalu mereka benar-benar mengintimidasi Kibum tapi Kibum hanya tertawa. ^^
#Jjong memberikan sebuah tas blingbling kepada Kibum dan Kibum membawa tas itu sampai akhir pesta. Key mengatakan dia akan menunjukkan / membuktikannya di bandara berikutnya

#Jjong mengatakan bahwa ia pergi ke Dongdaemun kemarin (pada, 9 / 21) untuk membeli hadiah untuk Key. Dia mengatakan bahwa dia orang yang sangat jujur ​​/ terbuka sehingga sekarang hanya kadonya yang tersisa untuk dibuka bungkusannya. Sambil mengatakannya, dia benar-benar pergi ke belakang dan membawa keluar tasnya. itu benar-benar jenis tas yang hanya akan muncul di Dongdaemun. kemudian Jjong juga menyebutkan bahwa rumahnya dekat Dongdaemun. ia yakin menyerahkan sekarang ke Kibum dan berkata ini benar-benar Key dan ketika Kibum membuka tas, ia benar-benar bahagia. tas yang memang BENAR-BENAR mengkilap. Jonghyun berkata, “Aku telah mempersiapkan semua ini untuk kamu yang bersinar. harus memakai ini untuk fashion saat di bandara “. Key pun membawa tas itu sampai akhir pesta. Jonghyun mengatakan masih ada sesuatu didalam dan ketika Key mencari itu, ia menemukan sebuah kotak. Dia membukanya dan melihat bahwa semuanya itu isinya semacam permen dan orang-orang akan menjualnya di jalanan … awalnya ada 10 permen dalam kotak itu. Jonghyun berkata, “Ini ulang tahunmu sehingga kamu harus makan permen” tetapi ketika Key membukanya, hanya ada 2. Jadi Jonghyun berkata “Saya makan 8 dan menyisakan 2 untuk kamu”. Key  makan satu di tempat dan memberikan yang satunya lagi untuk Taemin.
#Jonghyun memberikan Key tas blingbling untuk hadiah ulang tahun Key.

#Tas Jonghyun dibeli di Dongdaemun.

#Ketika mereka mulai berbicara tentang spanyol, key memamerkan t-shirt yang dia beli di sana dan Jjong membiarkan mereka berbicara tentang kenangan bahagia mereka di sana.
Key: Ha, ada
Minho: Ah benar-benar, tidak pergi ke spanyol sungguh sayang
Jjong: Dan juga pergi ke pantai .. mendengar bahwa pantai (pantai) benar-benar menyenangkan
Minho: Mendengar beberapa pantai
Jjong: Apa? Apa apa
Taemin: Apa apa pantai … apa itu
Onew: Bukan? Itu laut Barcelona benarkan?
Key: Laut Barcelona.. kk. Pokoknya, itu benar-benar menyenangkan, disana
Taemin: Kami pergi berenang di sana, dan hampir tenggelam
Minho: Ah, Onew hyung tahu bagaimana untuk berenang namun nyaris tenggelam
Taemin: Untuk menyelamatkan Onew hyung, aku bahkan mengenakan jaket kkk
Onew: Tidak, aku berkata bahwa aku tidak butuh bantuan … dan kamu terus mencoba untuk menyelamatkanku kk
Jjong: Tidak kalian mengatakan bahwa ia hampir mati kkkk
Taemin: Onew hyung terlalu menjerit ketika aku membantu
Jjong: Begitu pula, kalian pergi ke pantai
Taemin: Kami pergi untuk melihat banyak hal sebenarnya yang terpenting kami~ ingin melihat pertandingan Barcelona
Jjong: Ah, pertandingan sepak bola
Taemin: AC Milan? Disana ada sebuah pertandingan
Minho: Ah, yang satu itu, aku melihat itu di Dorm pada tengah malam
Taemin: Karena ada bar olahraga. Jadi melihatnya di sana
Minho: Begitu beruntung. Sebenarnya yang satu itu, mungkin Taemin, Onew dan key tidak tahu, tapi di korea itu menyebabkan kekacauan besar
Jjong: Benar?
Minho: Ya. Jonghyun-hyung tidak tahu karena dia pulang ke rumah. Aku hanya tinggal di Dorm dan manajer-hyung mengatakan sesuatu yang besar terjadi. Mengatakan, selama pertunjukan live Onew hyung dan Taemin ada di sana dan menyaksikan secara live.
Onew: Eh? Ada yang berantakan di Korea tapi lebih berantakan di Dorm ..
Minho: Apa yang harusku lakukan? aku tidak pergi .. apa yang harusku lakukan? Aku tidak pergi … satu hari sebelum dream team, aku sangat kesal aku berpikir jika aku tidak bisa mendapatkan mobil (K7) aku tidak akan mampu hidup !!!!!! Jika aku tidak mendapatkan itu aku akan marah sampai mati
Jjong: Kamu tidak pergi ke spanyol..
Minho: Aku tidak pergi ke Spanyol di tempat pertama, dan aku bahkan tidak bisa melihat stadion xxxxxxxx. Aku benar-benar terlalu marah. Mereka bahkan pergi untuk melihat pertandingan, aku hampir ingin menangis.
Jjong: Meski begitu minho memenangkan mobil!
Taemin: Ah ya! Kesimpulannya adalah karena KITA ia mampu memenangkan K7nya
Minho: Ya seperti itu
Taemin: Berikan kepada kami ..
Jjong: Taemin-ah pekerjaan yang baik!
Key: Berikan saja aku semua pintu mobilnya semuanya bagus kk
Taemin: Beri aku kursi belakang
Minho: Ingin ambil ban?
Jjong: Beri aku rem / akselerator
Onew: Aku ingin mesin kkkk jendela yang besar bagus juga kkkkk
Key: Kalian mengambil terlalu banyak … …
Minho: Mobilnya bahkan tidak ada dirumah tetapi mengapa banyak yang kalian inginkan? kkk
Jjong: Anyways, sekali lagi selamat. Sebenarnya, itu harus sudah ucapan selamat kelima kalinya

#Minho menawarkan Kibum ke suatu tempat di Daegu dengan K7nya (mobil yang dimenangkan dari dream team) kemudian Kibum berkata”Ayo kita pergi dengan member lain!”

#Minho dan semua anggota SHINee pergi ke Daegu dengan mobil baru Minho.

#Ketika di Spanyol, di suatu hari ketika David Guetta kebetulan datang tampil di sebuah klub. Key mengatakan bahwa dia benar-benar ingin melihat dia dan karena usianya sudah diperbolehkan hukum sehingga ia merasa bahwa ia harus mampu untuk pergi ke klub itulah sebabnya ia pergi.
#Pada akhirnya, ia diblokir tidak boleh masuk oleh staf karena ia mengenakan flipflops/celana pendek dan flipflops tidak cocok. Key tidak menyerah dan kembali untuk mengubah penampilannya dengan memakai sepatu tulang anjing Jeremy Scott. Sekali lagi, ketika ia ditolak dengan alasan penampilan yang klasik dan sepatunya tidak cocok(sendal jepit). Jonghyun berkomentar “Kau seharusnya setidaknya memakai jas di sana”

#Minho mengatakan ia berpikir bahwa entah bagaimana Kibum memiliki hadiah spesial yang dia inginkan sehingga dia tidak membeli sebelumnya. Key mengatakan ia sudah memiliki hadiah yang ia inginkan … sehingga mereka mengatakan bahwa mereka akan pergi membeli hadiahnya bersama-sama.
#Key menyeka krim di wajahnya dan hanya meninggalkan satu tempat di hidungnya sendiri sehingga jjong berkata”tidakkah semua orang melihat itu?? key begitu pintar! ia tahu bagaimana membuat dirinya terlihat manis! ” JongKey Moment LOL
#Minho ingin menyalakan lilin, tapi ia terus gagal. Sehingga Jjong bilang (mengatakan bahwa flaming charisma sudah menyalakan api dimatanya) “Gunakan matamu untuk menyalakan itu!”
#Di pesta, ketika seseorang mulai mengganggu Kibum saat berbicara, dia akan berkata “Aku suka kamu” (atau karena itu aku mencintaimu?) ”
#Semua yang Minho lakukan di pesta akan menyebabkan topik yang terkait dengan ‘Dream Team’ dan ‘pemilik mobil’. minho berkata seharusnya Jjong pergi untuk menonton dia dalam pengambilan gambar dream team, ia mengatakan pada Jjong untuk pergi menonton, tetapi pada akhirnya dia tidak pergi … Jjong bertanya “kapan kau memintaku untuk pergi?” kata Minho “dalam mimpiku”.
#Sehari sebelum pengambilan gambar minho di Dream Team, ada sebuah tim sepak bola yang terkenal sedang bertanding sepak bola tetapi Jonghyun pulang ke rumah sehingga Minho ditinggalkan sendirian di asrama.
#Rupanya, pakaian Taemin hari ini, selain jaket (atau apa pun yang eksternal), yang lainnya bukan miliknya. The tee dan celana milik Key, bahkan kaus kaki juga yang diberikan oleh bibi pembantu rumah tangga yang  paruh waktu.
#Salah satu penggemar memberikan pertanyaan pada key “biarkan aku melihat abs punyamu”,
#Jonghyun mengatakan “Kibum tidak memiliki abs … meskipun kamu ingin melihatnya, tetap tidak ada”
#Dan Key mulai bergumam di samping “aku punya abs, tapi … …”
#Meskipun Minho dan Jonghyun tidak duduk bersama-sama, mereka saling menyerang secara verbal yang paling dan sering berbicara dengan satu sama lain. Kemudian ketika mereka berbicara tentang anggota lain, mereka juga menyebutkan bahwa mereka JongHo berbagi kamar ketika mereka berada di Singapura. Pada akhir pesta ketika A-yo sedang dimainkan, 2 dari mereka menari keluar.
#Minho berkata ketika Key duduk di sofa kemarin malam, ia pergi untuk mengangkat kaki Key dan membantunya meregangkan otot tapi kemudian Taemin datang dan tiba-tiba menyambar lengan Key sementara Minho mengangkat kaki Key. Mereka kembali melakukan tindakan ini di pesta itu. Akibatnya, Key mendapat serangan di 3-sisi sampai kursinya jatuh.
#Sebelum pemotongan kue, Key mulai khawatir akan mendapatkan krim kocok dan hal-hal yang disemprotkan lainnya pada dirinya. Pada akhirnya mereka masih menyeka krim kocok pada dirinya. di pipinya dan philtrum, bagian yang sama yesung super junior suka lakukan, daerah antara ujung hidung dan pusat bibir atasnya. kemudian Taemin memberi beberapa deco di hidung Key … mungkin kismis atau sesuatu dan Jonghyun berkata “Kibum sangat pintar, dia tahu dia cute, jadi dia tidak melepasnya, hanya meninggalkannya di sana”, kemudian Minho menjawab, “Jika aku jadi dia, aku akan melepasnya “, dan key berkata” Karena kau tidak seperti itu ” mengatakan bahwa minho bukan tipe orang cute.
#Selama pembicaraan pertanyaan 5-kata, Onew memilih pertanyaan dan itu mengenai masalah perawatan kulit … Key mulai berbicara tentang bagaimana dia membersihkan wajahnya. Pertama, ia menggunakan makeup remover, maka ia akan mencuci lagi dan setelah ia mengeringkan dengan handuk, dia akan mulai menerapkan produk perawatan kulit di kamar mandi. Dia mengatakan bahwa mungkin kamu tidak bisa merasakannya di tempat tetapi pada hari berikutnya, kulit akan benar-benar berbeda.
#Para anggota mulai menggoda key mengatakan kepadanya untuk memberikan gelang yang ia kenakan kepada para penggemar. Key mengatakan bahwa gelang tidak diperbolehkan di bandara, ia bahkan terpisah dan ini dikirimkan kembali, ekspresinya mengungkapkan bahwa dia benar-benar menyukainya. Kemudian yang lainnya mengatakan kepadanya untuk memberikan cincin dan Key mengatakan dia benar-benar benar-benar menyukai cincin ini juga, dia memakainya sehari-hari. Jadi Jonghyun berkata “Ini karena yang mahal kan?” Kemudian key berkata “tidak tidak! Ini tidak mahal tapi saya benar-benar benar-benar menyukainya”sehingga Minho melepas kacamatanya Kibum dan berkata”berikan ini juga” kemudian Key mengatakan ia membelinya ketika mereka berada di Spanyol. Kemudian Jonghyun atau Taemin mengatakan “Mungkin juga memberikan semua pakaian yang dia pakai”
#Seseorang yang dipilih untuk menerima hadiah mengenakan tee dengan nama Primadonna di atasnya (tidak yakin apakah itu nama FT fanclub, tapi aku tidak yakin apakah ini mengacu pada nama merek atau benar-benar merujuk pada beberapa tee fanclub FT). Jadi, ketika key pergi untuk memberikan hadiahnya, ia melihat nama itu dan berkata “ah, ini … ini … Primadonna!” Kemudian Jonghyun berkata “Primadonna adalah nama fanclub”.
#Key mengatakan bahwa dia bertemu dengan seorang pencuri di Spanyol!

#Onew meminjam kemeja Key dan baret penari. Dan ia tampak senang.
#Jjong mengatakan bahwa lirik Lucifer jepang terlalu keras, ia merasa bahwa kedengarannya seperti 3 dunia bahasa (alien) …
#Sebelum pesta, Taemin bertanya pada minho, “Minho hyung! Apakah kamu membeli hadiah “Dan Minho berkata,” Tidak, aku tidak mempersiapkan sialan-“Dia berhenti bicara dan setelah itu diulang jawabannya untuk” Oh, aku tidak mempersiapkannya!!”
#Minho menyuapi Key sepotong kue!
#Onew jatuh masuk ke dalam air di spanyol & Taemin pergi masuk ke dalam air untuk menyelamatkan dia!
#Rupanya, ketika key merasa bosan, dia dan Jinki akan berkata “Aku mencintaimu” untuk Taemin dan menariknya disekitar …
#Mereka mengatakan bahwa Minho dan key keluar sendirian di Rusia!
#Key mengatakan bahwa yang akan ia selamatkan pertama adalah Onew, jika semua anggota tenggelam semua!

Eng Trans: Byulbit, @yaoiraburu / pumkeybum@tumblr, viviontokki, seunghee, BLAQMeeSHINing, shye0525, byulbit

Source & Credit: vivitrollian, @shye0525, @dalbit1209, @byulbit, @Shining0525, 9142, @jongderjune, @shawol_indo, haitianyueye@weibo, Forever_SHINee, WeLoveTaeKey, SHINeeworldindonesia, dodol@shawolindo, SHINeeAttack @wp, DC SHINee Gallery                                                                                              

Indo Trans: Riyu                                                                                               

Shared For LOCKETS-Indonesia’s Blog: Riyu


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