[News] 110423 – More Onew UFO Replies

[FAN] I’ve heard you like crackers and cookies. Do you like (the snack) ‘home run ball’?
[ONEW] ‘Home run ball’? I can’t pick one. I like too many (snacks)~

(T/N: Home Run Ball is this snack: )

[FAN] Onew-ya, do you like fans coming to music core to cheer for you?
[ONEW] The best~

IndoTrans :

[FAN] Aku pernah dengar kau suka kerupuk & cookie. sukakah kamu dengan ‘home run ball’ (camilan)?
[ONEW] ‘Home run ball’? Aku tidak bisa memilih salah satu. Aku suka terlalu banyak camilan!!

[FAN] Onew-ya, apakah kamu suka fans yang datang ke music core untuk mendukungmu??
[ONEW] yang terbaik~

Source : ufo town / shakizi/ dub.dothome
credit: forevershiningshinee
IndoTrans : Erikiss @ Lockets Indonesia
shared for LOCKETS-Indonesia’s blog: ERIKIss

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