[Info] 110417 -Onew spotted at “Heaven”

He was seen at “Heaven” with around 3-4 friends whom also visited him at Music Core yesterday. It was a live cafe (lounge cafe?) that looked very warm and old fashioned, a place where poets and writers might go. Apparently, the girl was just too excited when she saw him and so he left his sign ^^

[Indo Trans]

onew terlihat di “heaven” dengan sekitar 3-4 teman yang juga mengunjungi onew di Music Core kemarin. Itu adalah live cafe (lounge kafe?) yang terlihat sangat hangat dan kuno, tempat dimana penyair dan penulis bisa pergi. Rupanya, gadis itu terlalu gembira ketika dia melihat onew dan onew melambaikan tangan ^ ^ nya

credit: vivinjolian@tumblr + iamaprila+”Like” This if you love SHINee@fb

source: dub.dothome & @jjoo7599 |

Indo Trans : Riyu@LOCKETS-Indonesia

Shared for LOCKETS-Indonesia: Puthrie


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